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Toma Alina - grupa 2202 SAToma Alina - grupa 2202 SA, 2019/01/13 10:47

So, what is the substation? To explain in very simple words, I would say that substation is a bunch of electrical devices gathered and connected in one place. On top are clever electrical devices who control and protect others in order to everything work properly. And all devices in substation are happy, at least until something goes wrong…

Cazacu George; Grupa 2201B; IECazacu George; Grupa 2201B; IE, 2019/01/16 18:09

Cele mai obișnuite surse de tensiune pentru măsurătorile și protecția sistemelor electrice sunt fie transformatoarele înfășurate (transformatoare de tensiune), fie dispozitivele de separare capacitivă (transformatoare de tensiune de condensator sau dispozitive cu potențial de bucșe). Unele aplicații noi ale separatoarelor de rezistoare și ale tehnologiilor magneto-optice devin, de asemenea, disponibile.

Catalin-Claudiu Pitu 2205BCatalin-Claudiu Pitu 2205B, 2019/01/16 22:11

The basic design of the generator circuit configuration is displayed in Figure 1. Generator circuit-breakers (GCB) are essentially located between the generator and the step-up transformer of the high voltage network.

In generator circuits two different faults are possible with a combination of high short-circuit current at high asymmetrical components:

The system-source fault (fault on generator side, point A) and on system-source fault (fault on the transformer side, point B). This is in contrast to the values of the short-circuit current under conditions according IEC 62271-100, which is 25 % of the rated short circuit current.

If a system-source fault occurs, the short-circuit current is established at high magnitudes and the breaker is located close to the generator. The energy of the system feeds the fault from the system through the transformer.

Corneciu Carmen, Grupa 2201 BCorneciu Carmen, Grupa 2201 B, 2019/01/16 22:36


The substation grounding system is an essential part of the every electrical system. The proper grounding of a substation is essential and very important for the following two reasons. First, it provides a means of dissipating electric current into the earth without exceeding the operating limits of the equipment. Second, it provides a safe environment to protect personnel in the vicinity of grounded facilities from the dangers of electric shock under fault conditions.

Cherascu CosminaCherascu Cosmina, 2019/01/17 20:25

How to determine compensation of reactive power of an electrical installation

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